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Boat Racing Festival in Champasak district and Pakse - 2017

Schedule of the Boat Racing 217
    Ban Paphin Village : September 24th , 2017
    Ban Vat Louang Kao : September, 27th, 2017
    Ban Pha Phanon Tai : September 30th, 2017
    Pakse : October, 6th, 2017
    Champasak district : October 8th, 2017

The season of the Boat Racing Festival start in september, each year.

To celebrate the end of the raining season and to venerate the Naga (deities protector of water), some villages organise the boat racing, on the mekong or on large river.

This competition brings together several boats from different villages.

The boats have different sizes and the larger ones need more than 40 paddlers.


In Paphin Village: September, 24th, 2017


Boat Racing Paphin 2017

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